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Patients satisfied with the stem cells therapy

  • Dear Jana and all at Belgrade clinic.

    I hope you are all well. Things are great here - my sleep is a lot better 6 hour stretches now and able to get back to sleep when disturbed, all without drugs for first time in 27 years. My legs are getting stronger thanks to the wonderful Physio and exercises. I can see a day in the near future when I won’t need a stick. My digestion is a lot better so no unconfortable tummy aches. I am a lot calmer and thinking clearer, the stress of illness has gone from my face which a lot of people have noticed, saying I look so well. I, will keep reporting, I am so happy (I thought I would never be well again but I am. Thanks to all of you).
    Have a great Christmas all at Belgrade. Love
  • Would you please pass on the following messages to my dear friends at the Moscow clinic.

    Please say hello to Katya and Liluba, who looked after me with such love and care, I will never forget their kindness. Hello to Tanya (no pain, normal). A special thanks to Alexandria with much love and best wishes for her future. I regret I didn't have the chance to say goodbye and thank you to Vitaliy Nikitin for all he did for me. Could you thank him from the bottom of my heart for his kindness and caring.

    There were just too many others to list individually here, but I would like to send a big thank you to all the staff who showed such love and kindness to myself and Denyse during our stay. Our stay at the clinic felt like being part of a large and loving family and I will cherish that memory forever.
  • Dear doctor,
    Uroš is staying healthy and happy and there are some changes in his condition. He is using a real toilet now; he do more things by himself - like taking clothes and shoes on and off, he is more interested in using pencil and crayons and he is playing with more toys than earlier.He did`t start talking yet, but he is often mumbling something. We finished giving him RNA medicines in January. We started giving him Chlorella 1000 mg 3 times a day on 12th of January and he is taking it well. Three days ago we did a check on Vitamin D3 and Calcium, so we are sanding you results. I hope you will respond and tell me your opinion about those results.
    Kindest regards,
    Stoja Senka
  • We think about you all the time and we often talk how nice it was staying in Clinic.

    We had realy nice time there. We told to all our friends about Clinic and people there. He feels more stabile on his legs and I can see a bit improvment in his walking.

    At the moment he is refusing to use roller walkek, he is walking with someone holding his hand. About his nervus it is a bit better. He is rune out of pils that we brought with us.
  • The driver came and pick us up, we went to clinic and I was shocked with the welcoming we received from the clinic. The staff was brilliant, my son was so much loved, and he felt really good.

    Since we had stem cell treatment it's been nine months. It's unbelievable how our life has changed. Mom is calmer, dad is calmer. Why? Because our son is happy, now.
  • I started to feel an improvement in my right leg. I can now lift my leg higher than I could before and I’m finding that walking up and down the stairs, I can walk without actually holding on to the banister. The level of service here has been absolutely second to none with all of the staff.

    The doctors are absolutely fantastic. The nurses, and the whole team…
  • There's familial atmosphere, rhythm, same people, kind words, and the medical staff is always available when you have a question, they come every day to see you.

    It is important, they do not come just because of the treatment, the doctors are everyday here to ask you how your day was, how you feel, if the treatment eas difficult or easy. There is no clinical atmosphere, no hospital smell. In hospitals there is always the smell of drugs. Here I don’t feel it at all. thisw is actually like a villa.
  • What else can I say? I am very very happy with all the care that I received and I recommend this treatment to anybody who want to give it a go. Come and have an open mind and meet these wonderful people who will treat you gently and with respect. I’ll always be grateful.

    Thank you.
  • Well, the first month went well. I regained my psychophysical energy, especially in the sport I practice, I felt an improvement...

    Now I hope, I hope that in the future, and the doctors tell me that it is better, I hope that in the future I'll feel all the better.

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Autism success treatment at stem cells center

Client: Daniel

Country: England

We waited every day for miracle to happen and it happened.

Diana mother of 4 years old Daniel – AUTISM

For parents who experienced exactly the same as me know what exactly means that you are able to sit on the sofa on Sunday and when you can watch at 5 o`clock, when there is a family movie, and then your child sits next to you and you can sit as a family. Even if it`s 5 minutes and if it`s never happened before it`s a lot.

Daniel`s story

And I remember Daniel was standing in the corner just wanting to go out and she said “Do you know anything about it? Did you ever hear anything?” I said “No”. “I think your son might be autistic”.

Danielius Norkus 4 years old, UK AUTISM

And I still remember that feeling that hot, that something very hot goes into you and I feel like hot showers like: no. He`s not.

Number of children with autism escalated by more than 50 per cent in the last five years

It`s like somebody switched a child. It was difficult, the problems with the sleep, running constantly, it was difficult, but we came to that stage when we were not able to leave the house. We were not able to sit him in a buggy or walk on the street. All he wanted was just to be in my arms, stay at home, hug me tight and nothing else.

Hyperactivity and aggression

Daniel became very active, constantly running, always running. It was strange that he didn`t reply. It wasn`t strange to me, because I thought it`s normal. But my mom and my family, they said: “Why is he not saying in fluent language, why is he not trying to communicate with us?” I was afraid to have guests in my house because my son was naked. I was afraid to go to the shop because my son was screaming. I was so tired, of course, because for a year and a half I lived on a three-hour sleep in 24 hours.

Obsessions and repetitive behaviour

Daniel had obsessions with a toy, with Thomas toy. He could`ve played only with him. There was no other interest in other toy. If you wanted you could take him to any shop and say “Daniel, look choose any toy you want” he would go exactly for the same toy, exactly to the same shelf and get exactly the same toy. There was Thomas all over my house.

High sensitivity and social interaction avoidance

His fourth birthday he spent on the stairs while all his friends were playing in the room because he couldn`t cope. He couldn`t cope with this whole noise. It was too much for him. He didn`t want to play with children, he always preferred playing on his own. If we go to playgrounds he would go straight away in the corner, he would go to play by himself. He never wanted a company. He find it so difficult especially when girls were screaming and playing he would go and cover his ears with his hands, he couldn`t cope, it was too much for him. So many times I had to just take him home. It was difficult to take him to a specialist`s room. He would want to go within a minute, he would want to go now and this is it. He would not cope with different places. It had to be this way, his way or no way. So I started spending more time at home.

Eating disorder

He was, after eating his food, his nappy was full, constantly lacking water. He wasn`t digesting his food. He was like, as soon he was eating and the nappy was full.

30% of children with autism also have epilepsy

Then at age of two and a half we were back from where I`m from and my son past out on the plane on landing. And since that day this kind of epileptic seizures started, two, three, four times a day. Vomiting, undigested food … it was crazy, we were afraid to even sleep, even that three hours when he was asleep because so many times when I have woke up in the morning, very early in the morning, and he would start vomiting all that he ate before he went to bed.

Moment of decision

I thought what worse can be, then, we’re leaving a hell life now? We don`t enjoy our life. We don`t. Our child is like in a prison, constantly crying, constantly upset, constantly bloated, pale. I could see that he is not enjoying his life. And, as a mom, it is my responsibility to do something, to do something to make sure that my son is ok. I never ever wanted to allow myself to believe there is nothing I could help, more than playing, interacting, doing what is the best.

Stem Cells Treatment

So I did a lot of research on stem cells, I spoke with my husband, it was between me and my husband – the decision. We found out there are two types, this and that, again not in UK, but America, other countries.

About clinic and procedure

The driver came and pick us up, we went to clinic and I was shocked with the welcoming we received from the clinic. The staff was brilliant, my son was so much loved, and he felt really good. We had couple of days, of course, consultation, we had blood tests taken, checking his conditions. A lot of doctors came in and checked how Daniel was, was he ok, was he going to cope. I`ve been shown the room, I`ve been shown everything, the entire clinic around. Couple of days later we had the stem cells treatment, we had after care, they`ve checked him, spoke with me, they comforted me, they were always with me saying: “Mom, it`s ok.” Then we went back to the apartment where we were staying. We went home and of course we waited every day for miracle to happen and it happened.

Treatment results

My son playing upstairs in the room, and mom who sits and has a coffee. It never happened before. It was always screams and demands.

Better tolerance to various foods and improved digestionThe first thing what we noticed was a flat tummy, no more bloated, ok, no more running down the stairs straight in the kitchen and grabbing and constantly asking me and demanding to eat now and more. He started leaving food on the plate. “Wow, you haven’t finished, you left food on a plate. When before you were asking me for more and going getting yourself.” We already ate more food; we even had a chocolate and had no reaction. As before, he would go through the roof.

More adequate behaviour at home and outside

In three years we went to a restaurant. When I photographed and posted on Facebook and all my friends, family and people who know us they asked me if this is real. The waitress, she brought some coloured pencils so he drew on the paper. He waited for his juice, he waited for his made meal. Three years, and I was like on the second date but this time with my two men. Now we could do shopping easily, he doesn’t run, I don’t even need to hold his hand, I could say: “Daniel come back.” He listens. He comes back, he waits. One other thing, he gives me all the products for me to scan it, and I put in the bag, or we do the opposite.

Improved communication skills

If it`s too hot he is blowing, he`s asking me for a drink, bringing me cup and saying “Water”.

No more obsessions

He still likes high speed, trains, he shows interest in the spiders, but there`s no Thomas, and I know that you know what that means to have Thomas all the time, Thomas hat, Thomas train, Thomas bedding, towels, Thomas … And you have none. You can bring a box, pack them and put them in the loft because there is no more Thomas.

Improved self-care skills

When I walked in the room and saw his trousers, his top and socks he put on the bed ready to get dressed I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And then I said: “Daniel let`s try, you can do it”. And somehow he managed. He managed to dress himself up. To me it was a shock, I called my husband straight away and said: “You won`t believe what happened.”

It`s unbelievable how our life has changed

Since we had stem cell treatment it`s been nine months. It`s unbelievable how our life has changed. Mom is calmer, dad is calmer. Why? Because our son is happy, now.

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True stories after stem cells treatment

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