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Stem cells Services

    Autologous (own) cells

    • Platelet-rich plasma – PRP
    • Stem cells from the fat
    • Stem cells from the bone marrow
    • Stem cells from peripheral blood
    • Stem cells from the skin (fibroblasts)
    • T-regulation cells
    • Exosome

    Donor stem cells

    • Bone marrow donor stem cells
    • Donor fibroblasts
    • Umbilical cord stem cells
    • Umbilical blood stem cells
    • Placenta stem cells

    + Stem cell Cryobank

    + Genetic test

    + Allergic test

      Treatment for rehabilitation, rehabilitation program

      •    IMR-therapy
      •    RNA-based medicine
      •    Plasmapheresis
      •    Oxyven
      •    MBST
      •    Shockvawe
      •    Oxygen therapy
      •    Virtual reality system
      •    Gene therapy
      •    Special Diet
      •      Xenon gas inhalation therapy
      •      Detoxification (+ detox chilation)
      •      Interval Hypoxic Hyperoxic Treatment
      •      Spark wave (Extracorporeal Spark Wave)
      •      Pressotherapy and Lymphdrainage
      •      Mesodiencephalic modulation (transcranial electrostimulation of the brain)
      •      Intravenous lazer blood therapy
      •      Intravenous ultraviolet blood therapy
      •      Physiotherapy with an individual set of exercises
      •      Dry needling therapy

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