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Parkinson's success new treatment at stem cells center

Client: Marco Belcanti

Country: Italy

Good afternoon. Today we will hear from our patient from Italy, who has Parkinson’s disease and who was treated with stem cells a month ago in our clinic.

How exactly this period has passed, this month, how he has felt, if there were any improvements… What could you tell us about this first month?

Well, the first month went well. I regained my psychophysical energy, especially in the sport I practice, I felt an improvement… Now I hope, I hope that in the future, and the doctors tell me that it is better, I hope that in the future I’ll feel all the better

We remember you told us that now you can ride your bicycle, drive a car, that you live in the mountains… How far can you ride a bicycle?

My trainings are about seventy kilometers, with 1000-1200 meters of height difference, yes, I manage it, I manage to do sports, still not as I used to, but we’re getting there…

That means that your functions are good and now we hope it will get better and better! Here with us is mister Belcanti’s wife, too. We would like to hear from you too if you could tell us about your husband’s state during this month since he has left our clinic.

Well, during this month it altered from positive days, when he was really tired he was definitely feeling better, but I believe that is normal.

Yes, you told us that when he left the clinic, he was feeling a little tired…

Very tired, he slept for a long, long time, maybe he needed to regain…

How long did the tiredness last?

His tiredness and the fact that he slept so much, two-three days… he was really tired. Then bit by bit, he started recovering and lately I have seen that he is, even on the mental level, more relaxed, less confused…

Less confusion and less tremor, less…

And facial expression…

is improved, there are moments, yes, when the weather is, and when…

Yes, you can feel it; there are days when I’m feeling better, and days when I’m feeling worse, but all in all…

Yes, even the weather, when the weather changes, he is more tired, when he needs to get down to some mental work, he gets even more tired and feels more fatigue

But, he feels more secure in his activities, in sports, with our child, and in other things that tired him more before…

He told us that he rides a bicycle with his father and child. The whole crew. And you? Do you ride a bicycle?

I stopped, unfortunately, because I can’t keep up with them!

They are so fast?

Yes, they are very fast, and I’m not in training. I used to ride a bicycle, but now…

I understand. Has anything else changed, let’s say, in his relation with you, with the family, frieds, people who surround him? His mood?

Yes, there are also ups and downs, but generally, I am fine, and my mood is better, well I look positively into the future…

And, we may say, the smile on your face is back…


Which we can see. Good. We’ll see you again in two months, on your next check-up, and we hope to see significant improvements. We will talk again, and for now we wish you to stay positive, and keep on like that!

Thank you!

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