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Stroke Recovery Stem Cell Treatment

Stroke is a leading cause of adult impairment, with 20% of its survivors requiring institutionalized care and up to 30% of them being severely and permanently disabled. Strokes are classified into two major categories: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes are those that are caused by interruption of blood supply, while hemorrhagic strokes are the ones which result from rupture of a blood vessel or an abnormal vascular structure. About 87% of strokes are caused by ischemia and the rest are caused by hemorrhage.

Stroke symptoms and signs

Stroke symptoms typically start suddenly, lasting from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, and in most cases do not progress further. The symptoms depend on the area of brain that is affected. The more extensive the affected area is, the more functions are likely to be lost.

The only approved treatments of acute ischemic stroke involve restoring blood flow to the affected region by using thrombolytics or mechanical devices that physically remove clots. However, the use of thrombolytics is limited due to the therapeutic window of 3-6 hours post onset of stroke symptoms, so that only a small fraction of stroke patients receives this therapy, thus effective prevention remains the best treatment for reducing the burden of stroke.

Perhaps you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke. You are already aware of the side effects and the ailments that a stroke can cause to the human brain and dysfunctions of normal bodily functions.

What you are searching for is something that will bring the body back to the way it worked prior to the stroke. However, there was no considerable therapy which could promote recovery other than physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

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Stem cell research and strokes

Until recently, it was believed that damage to the brain tissue was permanent. Now the re-growth of brain cells and improvements of neurological function has been documented.

Large numbers of active stem cells are needed to implement the re-growth of nerve tissue. The patient’s own stem cells are harvested from abdominal fat or bone marrow, activated and put back into the body. The cells migrate to the brain and implement growth. The procedure is safe and proven to activate cells around the suffering brain tissue to catalyze rapid healing and to improve brain function. Stem cell treatment improves bending and straightening of the joints and adding more agility in fingers. Muscle strength and control of limbs are improved as well.

Swiss Medica Clinic has developed a set of protocols to address the patient’s post stroke needs, including modifications to utilize many adaptive aids. Therapy is performed and supervised only by certified neurologists and staff.

The Swiss Medica Clinic technique has validated results. Our method delivers the highest number of cells, with 98% viability. Unlike many other clinics, we process our multiple applications quickly, and there is no need to wait weeks to get a treatment. The whole procedure is also very quick. Fat is harvested, activated and put back into the body, within the same day. The technique does not require general anesthesia, making it even easier.

We do not use embryos, hormones or chemical therapies during the procedure. This is the only stem cell treatment that is free of side effects and rejection, because the cells come from patient’s own body.

We deliver simple, risk free, proven results, with the assistance of highly skilled professionals who understand the importance of personalized care.

During this painless procedure, stem cells are delivered intravenously, after which they cross the blood brain barrier and copy neural stem cell activity, improving all the symptoms of a condition. In addition, they rejuvenate the whole body, making all of its organs healthier.

Stem cells are already a part of human repair system naturally. After reaching the organism, they start replacing the damaged cells and the restoration of the brain begins. In fact, a growing number of reports indicate that adult stem cells have the ability to stimulate the generation of new neurons, oligo-dendrocytes, and astrocytes [Park and Eve, 2009; Galli et al., 2008; Srivastava et al., 2008].

Until recently, it was believed that damaged brain tissue is a permanent condition. Nowadays the re-growth of brain cells and improvements of neurological function has been documented. Stem cell treatment acts as a form of medical time machine, reversing the damage that has already been made.

Stem cell stroke treatment:

Swiss Medica Clinic has developed the Adult Autologous Stem Cell Therapy program to treat a variety of conditions, including stoke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and traumatic brain injury, etc. During stem cell treatment, a patient receives 200 – 300 million stem cells. This quantity of the restored plain cells not only covers daily losses, but also exceeds them by thousands of times, renewing almost 15 – 20 years worth. This causes symptoms of a disease to improve and the whole body and all of the organs become healthier and rejuvenated, because the new and active cells replace the old and damaged ones.

and our doctors recommend you individual treatment program
and offer the best stem cells

Advantages of Stem Cell therapy in Swiss Medica clinics:

  1. Side effects and rejection free (patient’s very own stem cells from the abdomen and/or bone marrow are used).
  2. Avoidance of any allergic and immune reactions (patient’s own cells suit chromosomal and genetic structure).
  3. Does not require general anesthesia.
  4. No risk of contamination by transmissible diseases.
  5. No oncological complications as adult stem cells in the comparison to embryonic cells are rather mature.
  6. Procedure is very quick and simple. Small quantity of cells are extracted from bone marrow and/or fat tissue. Combination of the two can often show the best results.
  7. The period of time between getting lipoaspirate and injection of the activated stem cells is only a few hours.
  8. Adult stem cells are superior over embryonic stem cells, because they don’t require growth of several moths and come from patient’s own body, which is why there is no risk of side effects after the treatment.

At Swiss Medica Clinic we deliver the treatment with proven results associated with the assistance of highly qualified professionals who realize the importance of personalized care, quality and confidence that guarantees the top standards of treatment.

Swiss Medica Clinic is an excellent centre that offers stroke patients the most innovative therapies. We use the unique technology of applying autologous photo activated stem cells previously extracted from fat cells and/or bone marrow. The highest standards of treatment and investigative research are present at all times.

The package include:

Optional additional therapy:

and our doctors recommend you individual treatment program
and offer the best stem cells

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